Publishing team

Spring 2019



Joselyn Aylin Vera ‘21

“I grew up having a very particular view of what the "great American" literature should look like, and it never looked like me or like people with a background similar to mine. I joined PALABRITAS because it gives me joy to read pieces by Latinx people; I can find a piece of myself in them. I joined because I want others to be able to do the same, but also to encourage people to write.”

Managing Editor


Jeannie Regidor ‘20

“Since coming to campus, I had thought of maybe starting a Latinx Literary Publication at some point and when I heard that Palabritas was going to become just that I knew that I had to get involved because Latinx literature has always been something that I am passionate about due to my background as the daughter of Cuban and Costa Rican immigrants.”

Director of Multimedia & Design


Tania Dominguez-Rangel ‘21

“I wanted to get involved in bringing PALABRITAS to life and in spreading the work of amazing Latinx writers to the rest of the world“