Spring 2019

The publication would like to thank the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, the Committee on Ethnicity, Migration, and Rights (EMR) at Harvard University, and Alumni Edward Rocha for all their support.

Joselyn Vera would like to thank La Familia Vera y Rocky Vera, La Familia Cedillo, and especially her sister Lizette Vera, who she loves very dearly.

Jeannie Regidor would like to give a big thanks to the Regidor Family and the Rodriguez-Romeu family. Thank you, Irma Powers, Bermaida Fajardo, and Yordalys Regidor.

Daniela Castro would like to thank the brave voices of our time for sharing their stories. She is also thankful for our ancestors, especially those whose struggle we are beginning to unwrap.

Noelle Castro would like to thank Victoria Castro, John Groenhoff, her brothers Cody and Angelo, and the entire Castro Family.

Jessenia Class would to thank her family and all the brave and immensely talented writers features in PALABRITAS.

Sammantha Garcia would like to thank Kimberlee Rodriguez, Stephanie Garcia, and Victor M. Garcia Jr.

David M. González would like to thank his dear mother.

Angel A. Mata le gustaría agradecer a todos los venezolanos, tanto fuera como dentro de la patria.

Felipe Muñoz would like to thank mom.

Elizabeth Quiñonez would like to thank Aida Quiñonez, Luis Quiñonez, Jenny Cruz & Co, and Luis Miguel Quiñonez.

Ruben Reyes Jr. would like to thank immigrants, all over the world.

Emily Rios would like to thank her parents and teacher/mentor Jennifer Olmeda for giving her the space to be creative with poetry.

Evelyn Wong would like to thank her best friend, Renejia Verduzco, and Renejia’s family (especially Raquel, her second mom!) for getting her to where she is today!

Tania Dominguez-Rangel would like to thank Lulu Rangel, Gustavo Dominguez, La familia Rangel-Paz, y La Familia Dominguez-Nuñez.

Karla Chavez-Espinosa would like to thank Gloria Anzaldúa, Sojourner Truth, her mom (Guadalupe Espinosa), and all the beautiful writers who inspire and motivate us all.