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PALABRITAS is a Latinx literary publication based out of Harvard College with the mission of creating a space for Latinx writers to showcase their work regardless of prior publishing experience. Thus, our goal is to publish intriguing work by authors that have published before alongside others who’ve never shared their work publicly. We publish all kinds of creative writing, poetry, short fiction, memoir, personal essay, creative non-fiction, and pieces that don’t quite fit a mold. We welcome Latinx authors of any age, background, and experience. PALABRITAS is a multilingual publication.


from our debut issue’s editor’s note by Founder Ruben Reyes Jr. (Harvard College class of 2019)

On October 4th, 2013, the College’s pan-Latinx organization, Fuerza Latina, hosted a celebration of spoken word, poetry, and other performances called Palabras. The night inspired members of the organization to establish Palabritas a newsletter that would serve “as a space for Latinx to express themselves, to share their stories and inspire others, just as Palabras did.”

In that spirit, we revamped PALABRITAS as a full literary magazine for Latinx writers from all over the world, not just Harvard affiliates. Our debut issue was published in the fall of 2018.

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We’re @HPalabritas on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You can reach us through direct message or at harvardpalabritas@gmail.com. #LatinxWriters #LatinxArtists #LatinxPoetry